President's Address


    自从1979 年以后,中国文明走上复兴之路,企业的竞争意识加强。随着中国企业不断成长壮大,专业化的投资管理薄弱日趋明显,国际化的品牌体系在国内严重水土不服。在责任与使命的驱动之下,我们积极投身到专业的投资管理建设浪潮中,于1999年创建深圳星宇国际投资管理(天宇华美前身),摸索出适合中国特色的市场操作方法,实现国际品牌投资管理在中国本土环境下的改造与再生。







中国.海南.天宇华美投资管理集团  张宇

The President 's Address 

In the pioneering and innovative 

Since 1979, the Chinese civilization on the road to revival, consciousness to strengthen enterprise competition. As Chinese companies grow continuously, weak day by day obvious, professional investment management system of international brand in the domestic serious water and soil. Under the drive of responsibility and mission, we were devoted to the construction of professional investment management, in the tide of star created in 1999, shenzhen yu international investment management (tianyu colorful), for market operation method is suitable for Chinese characteristics, to achieve international brand investment management in the transformation and regeneration of the local environment. 

A short span of 30 years of reform and opening-up, China has realized a major historical turning point about the future and destiny of contemporary China, great achievements won a surprising, in the history of the Chinese nation, part of a page. As pioneers and practitioners, we have the honor to participate in the development of every important. The stormy billows of the history, we will brave, to go on, as the growth of China's domestic companies, transportation industry constantly wisdom. 

Contemporary China, has entered the increasingly fierce international competition, the gap between Chinese brands and the world famous brand is still huge. We has been committed to domestic enterprise core competitiveness, to achieve the take-off of the Chinese enterprises to add brick add tile, and speed up the enterprise brand internationalization strategy and expand new markets are spare no effort to play their role, to help more and more domestic enterprises to the world, to create world-class brand. 

More than a decade, we have formed investment planning, investment management, project the raise, customized training, capital docking, film and television media, connive development multi-dimension integrated service mode, and using innovative marketing, event marketing, low cost extraordinary practical means, such as news hype, crossing the FMCG, electronic appliances, household vogue, tourism and real estate, modern service industry, for more than 200 companies to provide brand marketing planning consulting services, to help it quickly become bigger and stronger, and rich practical experience and the international advanced marketing theory in the refined series tools, form a strong appearance, industry and market recognition. 

Here, we open sky colorful operation ideas, giving each big industry many cooperation opportunities, comprehensive analytical we in the face of the different stages of the brand, with different marketing problem solution, showing our expertise in the field of brand marketing planning management, as well as the enterprise to bring the value of ascension. 

We hope that by tianyu's official website, share the wisdom of the tianyu investment management. At the same time, welcome to the company visit, depth of communication, jointly solve the problem of enterprise brand marketing investment management, leapfrog growth. 

China. Hainan. Tianyu colorful investment management group, Mr. Zhang yu